From Stuck to Six Figures

For the entrepreneur who’s ready to
transform their life and business
Join me, Paul Finck - The Maverick Millionaire®, for a 2-hour brainstorming session + training with standout mavericks who are ready to take control and design a life that will take them from stuck to six figures

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June 1st, 2023
7 - 9pm Eastern

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By signing up for Maverick Power Hour: From Stuck to Six Figures, you will spend 2 + hours designing your vision for 2023 with high level executives and entrepreneurs

This is the motivation you’ve been needing to get you UNstuck

I get it, Maverick.. You feel like you’ve tried it ALL
on your path of entrepreneurship

~ You’ve signed up for the courses
~ You’ve downloaded the freebies and opt ins
~ You’ve invested your money in the wrong coaches
~ You’ve increased your prices
~ You’ve planned and planned and planned some more
Does this sound familiar?

Consuming information from people who claim to be experts when they’re not keeps us spinning in circles. They tell us that steps 1, 2 and 3, and formula x, y, z will be the gold we need to create a successful life and business… but this isn’t always true, is it?

Your life, business and vision are UNIQUE and should be treated as such. Which is exactly why I tell all of my clients to stop running their business from a place of consumption, and start running it from a place of faith and action.

Something you need to start doing, too.

You aren’t stuck in business because you don’t have the answers you need.

You’re stuck in business because you don’t have the mindset or support that will carry you through when the going gets tough.

So, while you can download more freebies and attend more webinars, know that it isn’t going to “fix” what isn’t working in your business.

Only you have the power to do that.

Meet Paul Finck

Hey, I’m Paul Finck, the Maverick Millionaire® who’s going to get you from stuck to six figures just like I did for myself. Over the last 36 years, I’ve run over 500 events, spoken in 8 countries and built up $40 million dollars in sales for corporations, companies, and individuals around the globe. My experience in sales, plus the coaching and speaking world offers me a unique expertise in helping entrepreneurs on the journey of reaching their FULLEST potential in life and business.

Want to know what DOES work on the path of entrepreneurship?

~ Looking at your business from a holistic perspective
~ Shifting your mindset from “I’ll try” to “I CAN and I WILL”
~ Getting clear on the vision of what you desire
~ Networking and getting in the room with the right people
~ Finding a coach who understands your struggles & can show you your strengths

Here’s some tough love…

You don’t need more freebies, more planning or more of the WRONG people in your business.

You need commitment, belief and action.
Commitment to a clear vision of what you want
Belief that you CAN achieve what you put your mind to
The action to move the needle forward and get you From Stuck to Six Figures
And more than that: you need a network of power house people to help you get there.
That’s what the Maverick Power Hour is all about…
Two hours of brainstorming, sharing, networking, and designing around the concept of what keeps us stuck, what moves us forward, and how to take MORE action.

As a coach of 16 + years, I know this is what you need.

Get in the virtual room and make 2023 your best year yet.

Commitment is the first step.
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June 1st, 2023
7 pm to 9 pm EST
Still not convinced? 
Here’s what you can expect during the 2 hour Maverick Power Hour 
Casual and impactful conversation with some of the top thought leaders in entrepreneurship and beyond
An hour of brainstorming, sharing and networking
An hour of high level training to teach you the exact steps to design the life you want and deserve in 2023
The empowerment, motivation and inspiration you need to KEEP GOING
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